If you have diabetes, should you eat jaggery or honey, know which is better? – Khel Ja

Sugar Vs Honey: Sugar is such a problem whose number of patients is continuously increasing. Patients suffering from this problem have to undergo many types of restrictions throughout their life. Especially they have to take care of their eating habits. If they don’t do this, blood sugar levels rise too high, putting them at risk of many diseases. Health experts often advise diabetic patients to consume foods with a low glycemic index. Along with this, patients suffering from this problem are also prohibited from eating sweets. Especially sugar stops completely. In such a situation, many people consume honey and jaggery as an alternative to sweets. So the question is which of the two is healthier? Today in this article we will know in detail which of jaggery and honey is more healthy for diabetic patients.

Effect of jaggery on blood sugar

Most of us consider jaggery to be healthier and more suitable for diabetics than sugar, but let us tell you that in reality diabetics should also avoid consuming jaggery. Because jaggery also affects insulin levels in diabetes. Actually, both sugar and jaggery are obtained from sugarcane. From this it is clear that both sugar and jaggery can have a high glycemic index. Along with this, diabetic patients should include foods with low glycemic index in their diet. Including high glycemic index foods in the diet increases blood sugar levels significantly.

Effect of honey on blood sugar


Honey is a natural sugar and carbohydrate, but it is considered healthy for diabetics. A 2004 study found that honey had a more beneficial effect on blood sugar levels than white sugar. Honey, unlike sugar, can increase insulin, which can regulate blood clotting.

Which of the two is healthier?

Both honey and jaggery increase blood sugar levels, but consumption of honey can be healthier for diabetics. Because they contain micronutrients. Apart from this, jaggery also contains magnesium, copper and iron in abundance. Additionally, honey is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium, which may be more beneficial than jaggery. Therefore, consume honey instead of jaggery in sugar.

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