If you are also looking for a dream destination for your wedding, then include these places in your list.

Travel News Desk!!! There would be no hesitation in saying that the trend of destination wedding has increased a lot in the last few years. From Bollywood celebs to common people, they are choosing great wedding venues to take the big step of their life. Yes, the difference is that most of these wedding venues are expensive enough for a middle-class family to organize an entire wedding. But if a little effort and research is done then choosing the right and budget friendly wedding destination is not a big task. Yes, if you are also dreaming of making your wedding memorable, then we will tell you about some such places. Here we are telling you. A place where you can not only capture the love of your life but will also have beautiful photographs that will refresh your memories even after 10 years of marriage.


Kovalam is a very beautiful city located at a distance of 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Kovalam is famous for its beautiful beaches and palm trees. The clean roads here and greenery all around will attract you even if you don’t want to. It is a budget friendly city, where it would be a perfect option to get married. If you are planning a wedding at this place with 200 guests, it will not cost you more than Rs 10-12 lakh.


There can be no other city more beautiful than Rajasthan for a wedding. Jaipur-Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are such cities of Rajasthan where you can arrange your wedding in a very royal style. However, some wedding venues in these cities are quite expensive, but with a little research, venues with good architecture can fit your budget. Let us tell you that for a guest list of about 100 people in Rajasthan, you have to spend Rs 12 to 15 lakh.


The city of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is not only a great offbeat destination but the place is also very popular for weddings. Come to this city and choose any location for your wedding, here you will find natural beauty for photographs. In such a situation, just think that if you find a wedding venue on the banks of Ganga, what could be better than this? In such a situation, let us tell you that if you are planning your wedding here with 200 guests, then it will cost you only Rs 12 to 15 lakh.


If you want to make all the functions from haldi to mehendi and from seven rounds to farewell memorable, then you will not find a better place than Sikkim. This is because the serene valleys here will make the gentle and lively wedding ceremonies very beautiful. Sikkim is a very underrated city where you don’t have to worry much about costs. This city is perfect for those who are on a low budget. A wedding of 200 guests here will cost only Rs 10 to 12 lakh.


If you are dreaming of getting married on the beach then Goa can be the perfect wedding destination for you. You can find some great places in Goa within your budget. Not only this, if you plan your wedding during the off-season then you can also get a better deal here. Yes, it is a different matter that getting married in Goa in winter can be a bit expensive. But if you are planning a summer wedding, a wedding with 200 guests will cost you a maximum of Rs 15 lakh.

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