If you also have this problem while breathing, then there may be a problem in the lungs, non-smokers are also victims.

Lung problems: Breathing is very important for survival and breathing can be done properly only when our lungs are functioning properly. In such a situation, it becomes very important to pay attention to the strength of the lungs to stay healthy. But nowadays, due to wrong lifestyle, wrong eating habits and carelessness, lungs are deteriorating very quickly.

With increasing age, lung related diseases have started appearing in youth also. The problem of whether our lungs are working properly or getting damaged can be understood through some symptoms. Let us know those changes related to breathing through which we can find out the health of the lungs.

lungs to be damaged But these symptoms are visible

difficulty breathing fully

In such a situation, even when you take a full breath, you feel incomplete. If you are not able to get enough oxygen despite taking full breaths, it is a sign that your lungs are inflamed or the lungs are filled with water or mucus.

difficulty breathing

If you frequently have trouble breathing, it could be a sign of weak lungs. When the lungs are weak or there is a condition like congestion or swelling inside them, then even if you have not done any heavy work, you will start having difficulty in breathing. In fact, when the lungs are unable to open and contract completely, difficulty in breathing occurs.


coughing when breathing for a long time

When you take a long breath and cough at the same time it is a sign of lung weakness. If there is a problem like pain, cough or phlegm when taking a deep breath, then it is a sign of inflammation in the lungs.

feeling pain when breathing

If you experience chest pain when breathing, it may be a sign of a lung infection. Apart from this, pain while breathing indicates pain and swelling in the lungs.

dizziness while breathing

If you feel dizzy or nervous or uneasy while taking a long breath, it is a sign that your lungs are weak. This happens when the lungs are unable to draw oxygen even though they try hard. In such a situation, less oxygen reaches the brain and dizziness occurs.

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