If I vote for the opponent, I will jump with a stone tied on my back… Congress candidate’s threat – Khel Ja

A video of Congress candidate in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh is going viral. This video is of a public meeting. In this, he is not only asking for votes for himself, but is also threatening the public that if they vote for the BJP candidate and he loses the election, he will jump into the Mohanpura Dam. The Congress candidate is an outgoing MLA. In the last election, they had got homogeneous votes unilaterally, but they feel that this vote bank has slipped.

According to the information, Congress has once again given ticket to Bapu Singh Tanwar from Rajgarh assembly seat. At the same time, BJP has also fielded Amar Singh Yadav again. In the last election, Bapusih Tanwar had united the voters of his community against Amar Singh Yadav. Due to this, he also won the election by 31 thousand votes, but Bapu Singh, who was away from the public for five years, is facing the fear of defeat this time.

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In fact, they feel that this time the homogeneous vote bank has slipped. In such a situation, he is once again trying to make his community stand on his side by threatening suicide. There are a total of two lakh thirty six thousand voters in Rajgarh assembly constituency. Of these, one lakh six thousand are men, while 98 thousand are women voters. Among these, the number of voters of Tanwar community is around fifty to sixty thousand. Voters of Saundhiya community are on second number.

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While trying to woo these voters, Bapu Singh is saying that their nose will be cut off, it is a question of life and death. Here the people of both the communities have been deciding the victory or defeat of any candidate. According to election pundits, the inclination of Tanwar community has always been towards BJP. However, in the last election, Bapu Singh Tanwar had not only succeeded in wooing the voters for the first time, but had also pulled the ground from under the feet of BJP.

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