If Bihar does not get special status… CM Nitish Kumar’s ultimatum to the Centre. – Khel Ja

The demand for special state for Bihar still persists. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been continuously making this demand. Now once again he said that if the state is not given special status then he will launch a special campaign for it. During the winter session of the Assembly, he had demanded to give special status to Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said during the program of Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana that if Bihar gets the status of a special state, then Bihar will develop.

Speaking in the program of Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana, Nitish Kumar said that the people of Delhi do not allow writing about us. He said, “You will listen to me and work quickly. I am happy to see you guys. You guys work fast. The CM said that people have forgotten but this idea is “mine only.”

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Bihar should get the status of special state, so that everyone can be uplifted.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that through caste based census, information about the status of every caste was made public. Now we will uplift everyone. Comparing the Lalu era, the Chief Minister said that earlier anything used to happen, everything was done by me. Regarding the bill to increase the limit of reservation for backward, extremely backward and SC-ST, the CM said that it is still pending with the Governor. It is expected that he will approve the bill today. CM Nitish Kumar also said that the only demand from the Center is to give special state status to Bihar, so that all the people can be uplifted.

Bihar Assembly passed reservation amendment bill

Bihar Assembly had passed the bill on November 9, according to which there is now a plan to increase the reservation limit from 50 percent to 65 percent. The Supreme Court has fixed the reservation limit at 50 percent. If the Governor passes the bill in Bihar with 10 percent EWS quota, the reservation limit will be 75 percent. The bill is currently pending with the Governor and has not received approval.

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