ICC World Cup 2023: Due to this ‘pain’ the entire Indian team changed, Rohit Sharma did this work

Team India has reached the final of World Cup 2023. In the semi-final match played at Wankhede, Mumbai, Team India defeated New Zealand by 70 runs. After this victory, Team India now has a chance to win the ICC World Cup after 12 years. The big thing is that Team India has made it to the World Cup final without losing a single match. The team won all the 9 matches of the round robin and then Team India achieved a big victory in the semi-finals also. The question is how Team India got into the good habit of winning. After all, why is no opponent able to stand in front of Team India? There is only one answer to this… Rohit Sharma.

It is Rohit Sharma who has awakened the hunger to win every match in Team India. Former England captain and commentator in the World Cup, Nasir Hussain has revealed this. Hussain told in a live show of the World Cup that Rohit Sharma had said after the defeat of T20 World Cup 2022 that we have to change now. The team needs to be completely changed.

What did Rohit say that day?

This is about the semi-final match of T20 World Cup 2022 when Team India had lost by 10 wickets at the hands of England. Team India once again missed winning the ICC trophy. After this defeat, Rohit Sharma told Dinesh Karthik, who was commentating in that match, that now we will have to change. We need change. According to Nasir Hussain, Rohit Sharma has changed the thinking and culture of the team.

Rohit has shown amazing leadership

Rohit Sharma had talked about changing the culture of the team after the defeat in the T20 World Cup 2022 and he started this change with his own game. Rohit Sharma changed his way of playing as a batsman. Rohit Sharma planned to bat aggressively in the powerplay. Generally, Rohit used to start a little slow in ODIs but his different colors are being seen in the World Cup.

Rohit Sharma has scored 550 runs at an average of 55 in 10 matches played in this World Cup. The thing to note is that this player is scoring runs at a strike rate of 124. He has hit 28 sixes in this World Cup. It is clear that Rohit Sharma is leading Team India from the front. Rohit’s aggression is visible on the field not only in batting but also in captaincy. The way he has used his fast bowlers is commendable. He decided to bowl to Mohammed Shami with the semi-new ball. Also, the use of Jadeja and Kuldeep and Rohit’s field settings have kept him ahead of every opponent. This is the reason why Team India is invincible so far in this World Cup and victory can also kiss its feet in the final match to be held on 19th November.

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