ICC World Cup 2023: Before India-New Zealand semi-final, ICC admitted that Wankhede pitch was changed, BCCI gave this answer

The first semi-final match of the ODI World Cup is to be played between India and New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The eyes of the whole world are on this match. But before this important match, questions are being raised on the host BCCI. Before the match, BCCI has been accused that the pitch of the semi-final match has been changed by the Indian Board before the match and the match is being played on the pitch which was made according to Team India. Ever since these allegations surfaced in the cricket world, there was an uproar, but now BCCI has presented its clarification regarding this.

Allegations have also been made that BCCI has ordered to make the pitch of this match a slow pitch so that New Zealand faces problems and Team India does not face any problem in winning. Now BCCI and ICC have clarified their position on this entire matter.

BCCI’s clarification

English newspaper The Daily Mail, quoting a BCCI spokesperson, has written in its report that ICC’s independent pitch consultants work with the host board. He said that the consultants work closely with the host board regarding the pitch of the proposed ground and this is what has happened throughout this tournament. It has been told in the report that the pitches being made are being made under the guidance of ICC advisor Andy Attinson. The newspaper has told in its report that the pitch on which the match will be held was not chosen initially, it was chosen later.

This is the reason

According to the report, Andy has told that the match was to be held on pitch number 7, this is the latest pitch. But at the last moment it was changed and it was decided that the match would be held on pitch number 6, on which two matches had already been played. Andy told that there was some problem in pitch number 7. Andy said that he could not share what the problem was.

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