“I couldn’t be happier,” says Antoni Porowski as he talks about Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s relationship

Canadian television personality and actor Antoni Porowski shared his thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ‘s budding romance, reported People.


“I couldn’t be happier,” the Queer Eye cast member told People at an Expedia Group’s Unpack ’24: The Trends in Travel Dinner. “I’m very supportive. She’s an incredible, formidable woman who’s managing to tour the world over.””My hopes for them as a couple are that they just that they continue to be really happy and to enjoy this moment and all the future moments to come,” he added.

Porowski was spotted with Swift as she attended her second Kanas City Chiefs game when they played the Jets in New York. She entered the building with Porowski along with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Sabrina Carptenter. Porowski told People that he’s a huge Chiefs fan. He added that he developed a connection to the city after filming episodes of Queer Eye there, according to People.

“I got to really get to know Kansas City,” he shared. “We were there in the beginning of the pandemic and I ended up staying four months there and then coming back.”

He added, “So I really made so many friends that were there to feel like you’re actually a citizen of the place and you get to find your local spots. It’s a completely different, unique experience that I wouldn’t have in anything else that I’ve ever done in my life, which it’s like a long-term travel,” reported People

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