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In Siwan, Bihar, a doctor’s wife created a ruckus by alleging illicit relationship between two doctors. The wife first caught the husband in a closed room with his doctor girlfriend, after which she humiliated the husband fiercely there along with her brothers. During this time the doctor’s wife had also called the police and journalists there. There is a lot of discussion about the doctor’s love affair. This matter is constantly in the headlines. The matter is of Mahadev assistant police station area of ​​the district.

It is being told that the doctor was making love with his lover in a closed room. Then the doctor’s wife caught him red handed with his girlfriend and created a high voltage drama.

husband wife and those three doctors

In Bindusar of Mahadeva OP area, Dr. Rita Raj, wife of Dr. RK Arya, created a ruckus outside the clinic and then filed a case against her husband, his girlfriend and in-laws in the police station. It is being told about this high voltage drama that Dr. Rita Raj, who is a medical practitioner, was married to medical practitioner Dr. RK Arya 13 years ago. Everything was going well when another woman entered between them. The doctor’s wife has alleged that her husband had an illicit relationship with a female doctor for four years. Since then her husband tortures her in various ways.

Mother-in-law and father-in-law also accused of harassing

The woman alleged that when she protested, her husband and in-laws even tried to murder her. The woman has filed a case in the police station against her husband, female doctor, father-in-law Dudhnath Ram, mother-in-law Rekeba Devi, Manish Kumar and Neeraj Kumar. The doctor pushed and abused the journalists who had come to cover this high voltage drama. In the matter, Mahadeva OP in-charge Kundan Kumar told that the female doctor has registered a case against her husband. The police is investigating the matter.

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