How will the workers trapped in the tunnel be rescued? Know this special master plan of Dhami government.

The government has prepared a plan in collaboration with departmental officials to safely rescue the workers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi. Now another small tunnel will be built inside the tunnel to take out the workers. The laborers trapped inside will be taken out through this small tunnel. While clearing the debris in the tunnel, there was a problem due to the debris coming back again and again. Which had put the government in trouble.

Keeping this in view, the government, after consulting all the concerned departments, has now planned to build a small tunnel inside the same tunnel. Through which the workers trapped inside will be taken out. If officials are to be believed, this debris has come at a distance of about 50 to 60 meters, due to which the workers are stuck in the tunnel for the last 2 days. If we talk about rescue, about 20 meters of tunnel debris has been removed.

Tunnel will be built with the help of modern machines

Modern machines will be used to make a small tunnel inside the tunnel. Colonel Sandeep Sudhera, Executive Director of NHIDCL i.e. National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, said that the workers are being rescued, but after removing the debris, the debris comes back again. Is. Keeping this in view, now a tunnel will be made inside that debris through steel pipe. The work of making the tunnel will be started from tonight or morning. These mile steel pipes are of 800 mm, which are being procured from Dehradun and Rishikesh. They will reach in the night itself.

Technician will come from Delhi

Mile steel pipe will be used in making the tunnel through earth auger machine. No matter how much debris gets on this pipe, nothing will happen to the pipe. Mile Steel Pipe will be able to make one meter tunnel in one hour. He told that this machine has been called from Delhi, and the expert technicians who operate the machine have also come from there. Uttarakhand Chief Secretary SS Sandhu has helped in this entire work.

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