How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy, otherwise there may be problems after delivery.

Weight Gain Pregnancy: During pregnancy, many questions arise in the mind of a pregnant woman. Both for yourself and for the health of the child growing inside. In such a situation, the most important question that comes before them is that how much weight gain during pregnancy is right for the pregnant woman. A woman who becomes a mother for the first time makes every effort to ensure that she does not gain too much weight. For which she starts controlling her diet and also starts paying more attention to exercise. In such a situation, you should be aware of what is right to do and what is not, so that there is no harm to you or the baby in your womb. Let us know how appropriate it is for a pregnant woman to gain weight during pregnancy so that she does not have to face any kind of problem after the birth of the child.

How much weight increases during pregnancy

Women whose weight has increased before pregnancy, their weight may increase up to 16 kg during pregnancy. At the same time, the weight of healthy women is likely to increase by 12 kg during this period.

Why does a pregnant woman gain weight?


If your baby is a twin, your weight should increase by 15 to 20 kg. After normal weight gain in the first three months, this may increase by a quarter or 1 kg per week.

What causes weight gain?

– high blood pressure
– gestational diabetes mellitus
– premature birth
– difficult delivery
– cesarean birth
– having an obese child
– There may be problem in losing weight after delivery

If your weight increases during pregnancy, there may be many problems in reducing it.

– Tiredness
– Tension
– Heartbeat
– high blood pressure
– arthritis
– sleep apnea

Therefore, it is important that you control your weight during pregnancy. You don’t need to do much, you just need to stay active and eat a healthy diet.

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