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There is a lot of excitement regarding the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Candidates of all political parties are busy campaigning vigorously. Meanwhile, a surprising case has come to light from Betul. An elderly man was so upset with his family’s name being removed from the voting list that he beat up the Sarpanch, the video of which is going viral on social media. At the same time, now this matter has reached the police. Police have registered an FIR against the accused.

The matter is of Khomai village of Bhainsdehi. The incident is of Sunday. Sarpanch of Khomai, Mangesh Saryam was sitting with his colleagues, when an elder of the village, named Jai Singh Parte, reached there. The old man started abusing the Sarpanch because the name of a family member of the old man was struck off from the voter list. When the Sarpanch protested against the abuses, Jai Singh beat him.

Sarpanch Mangesh complained to the police

Sarpanch Mangesh has complained to the police in the local police station. Mangesh has demanded from the police that strictest action should be taken against the accused. According to Mangesh, he is having pain in his head and neck due to the beating.

Police registered FIR

According to local people, Sarpanch Mangesh is a supporter of Congress Party, while Jaisingh is a BJP worker. Jai Singh feels that his name was systematically removed from the voter list. However, the Sarpanch completely rejected the allegations of the old man in this matter. The Sarpanch said that it is not his job to add or remove names from the voter list. Bhainsdehi police station in-charge Anjana Dhurve said that this matter is being investigated. A case has been registered against the accused under section 294,323,506.

Input-Kuldeep Bhatia, Betul

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