How could the one who is the hero of Team India in the World Cup become a villain?

There is a line from a song in a Bollywood film – ‘Here we are, Sikandar, if you want, keep everyone in your pocket’. Actually, this line is perfect on the entire Team India. But the one who is getting fit and hit the most is the name of Mohammed Shami. In the first semi-final of the World Cup played at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, the way Shami took 7 New Zealand wickets one by one with his bowling, it seemed as if he was telling the Kiwi team that here He is Alexander. It is not easy for any bowler to take even one wicket on a batting friendly wicket and then Shami had made more than half of the New Zealand team his prey. Only a hero could do this work. And, Shami was the same hero of Team India in the World Cup.

Now tell us how someone who is such a big hero of the team could have become a villain. You must be wondering where this idea of ​​a villain suddenly came from? So let us tell you that this would have happened if Shami had not compensated. New Zealand did not correct its mistake in the 29th over of the innings. Then he would not have been a hero for the crazy Indian cricket fans, he would have been a villain.

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Shami is a hero, can’t become a villain

It is possible that in the excitement of India winning the semi-finals, you have forgotten that moment. But, that moment of Shami’s mistake would have been remembered for a long time, if the result of the match had not been in India’s favour. Or after 3 overs of making that mistake, Shami does not seem to correct it on his own. But, Shami did this and instead of being a villain, he became a hero.

Now just know what was that big mistake of Shami? The mistake he made actually happened on the 5th ball of the 29th over of New Zealand’s innings. This over was being bowled by Bumrah, on whose 5th ball Shami took an easy catch of New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. As soon as Shami took that catch, there was silence in the stadium which was making noise. It was inevitable that this would happen because, along with Darryl Mitchell, Williamson had laid the foundation of the partnership which seemed to be taking New Zealand to victory.

Shami corrected his mistake like a hero

Shami had already made a mistake, the disappointment of which was clearly visible on his face. But, now whether he had to become a villain or a hero who dropped that catch was also in his hands. And, Shami got a chance only after 3 overs. Captain Rohit Sharma handed him the ball and he corrected his mistake on the very second ball of the 33rd over of New Zealand’s innings. Kane Williamson, whose catch he had dropped, was caught by Suryakumar Yadav on his own ball.

Shami settled the account with interest!

However, Williamson’s wicket was just a score which Shami had settled in exchange of dropping the catch. Its interest was still pending, which he paid off by taking the wicket of Tom Latham after just one ball in the same over. These two wickets of New Zealand taken by Shami in 3 balls made the Indian team once again return to the match, after which they agreed to win. And, whose hero was Shami.

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