His own self took the life of Lucknow Inspector? Secret of murder hidden in personal life – Khel Ja

The murder of Inspector Satish Kumar Singh posted in UP Police (PAC) is being linked to his personal life. The needle of suspicion of Lucknow Police and UP STF investigating the murder is stuck between his family and his personal life. If police sources are to be believed, the questions raised in the investigation of this murder are being linked to his close ones. During interrogation last Monday, his wife also revealed many secrets. The wife had told that Satish Singh was of colorful nature. He had relations with many girls. He also used to bring girls home. When people protested, they used to silence them by beating them.

In fact, in the FIR registered by the police on the basis of the statements of Satish Kumar Singh’s wife, the dark truth of Satish Singh’s personal life has been revealed. However, along with this truth, a complicated story of relationships has also come to light. The wife’s statement and the investigation conducted so far have reached the conclusion that someone close to Satish had informed on the night of the murder.

Who knew when Inspector Satish would return?

This is also because Satish has gone out on Diwali night and will return late at around 2:20 in the night. This information must be available to the family and their close ones. If the killers were following Satish, there would have been no need to carry out the crime right outside the house. The question is also that when Satish Singh’s car entered the street on Diwali night, why was the killer not visible in the headlights of the car?

Who shot the inspector?

Not only this, Satish was shot in front of the house. In such a situation, someone would come from behind and then shoot and run away and the wife and daughter sitting in the car would not even notice. It is surprising that the police are not able to see any suspect even in the nearby CCTV. Obviously all these questions are testifying to someone’s involvement in this incident.

Wife told this thing

According to the inspector’s wife Bhavna, they had gone out on the night of Diwali. Returned home around 2 o’clock in the night. Bhavna and her daughter were sitting in the car when the incident took place. First of all, Satish got down from the car to open the door of the house. Just then the sound of gunshot came. When Bhavna looked outside, Satish had been shot. She quickly got down from the car and went to Satish. Satish had fallen down drenched in blood. His eyes closed within a few seconds. Then the doctors declared him dead in the hospital.

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Apart from this, Bhavna has also expressed doubts about the relations of her husband Satish Singh with other girls. Bhavna has said that her daughter had also seen her father with the girl, but then Satish had thrown the girl away from the house. Bhavna has also claimed that the girl is involved in prostitution. This statement of Bhavna has created a new angle in the case. After this revelation of bringing a prostitute home, the police is investigating every aspect. This is not one of the reasons for murder. This is also being looked into. Meanwhile, UP STF has also been deployed to unravel the Inspector murder case.

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