Health Tips: Know why cow’s ghee is also good for almond oil, you will be surprised to know the benefits.

Health Tips – In the field of natural remedies, desi cow ghee is considered equivalent to almond oil, which is famous for its many health benefits. While almond oil is famous for being rich in Vitamin E and its nourishing effects on hair and skin, the unique properties of Desi Cow Ghee go beyond these properties. Even in Ayurveda and naturopathy, desi cow’s ghee surpasses almond oil in terms of its properties. It provides eyesight, brain health and many other health benefits.

Unlike many types of ghee, domestic cow ghee is considered to be the purest and best suited for medicinal purposes. Almond oil is naturally acidic, while desi cow ghee is naturally alkaline. The brain craves coolness and alkaline elements, which makes desi cow ghee a preferred choice. It adapts itself to different climates. Desi cow ghee has many health benefits, especially for the organs above the throat – including the nose, ears, eyes and brain. It works as a remedy for a variety of conditions ranging from insomnia and headaches to poor vision.

With its regular use, snoring can be prevented, eyesight can be improved and gray hair can be blackened. By regularly putting a few drops of local cow’s ghee in both the nostrils, the effect becomes visible within three months. By practicing continuously for six months to a year, many diseases can be cured simultaneously. This is not just a solution; It is like nectar for your health. In short, the extraordinary benefits of desi cow ghee are even greater than those of almond oil.


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