Head stuck in lift gate, stuck on first floor… 6 year old child dies in agony

As much as lift is considered convenient, it is also more dangerous than that. People are losing their lives in accidents happening every day in lifts. The latest case is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. An innocent 6 year old child died after getting trapped in the lift in Vasant Vihar flat of Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. The child got trapped in the lift in such a way that the body hung between the ground floor and the first floor. However, the child was beheaded in the lift itself. After hard work the body could be taken out.

Actually, this accident took place in Vasant Vihar flat of Shahibaug on the day of Diwali. 6 year old child Arya Kothari was playing in C Block located in Vasant Vihar Society. While playing, he suddenly went into the ground floor lift. As soon as Arya Kothari entered the lift, the lift door closed and he got stuck between the lift and the floor, due to which his head got stuck in the lift door.

Child dies after getting stuck in lift

On getting information, the people of the society arrived and informed the fire brigade about the accident. On receiving the information, the fire brigade team arrived and took out the body of the child with great difficulty. Local people said that the child’s head was completely crushed. He died after getting stuck in the lift. There is an atmosphere of mourning in the family as this accident happened on the occasion of Diwali. Also, there is mourning in the entire Vasant Vihar Society.

It is being told that after taking the child out of the lift, the parents took him to the hospital, but there also the doctors declared him dead. Arya Kothari’s parents cannot believe that their child is no longer with them. Both of them are in bad condition and crying. The people of the society are also inconsolable. He says that it is better for us to come and go by stairs rather than by lift. Who knows when someone might get trapped in this and lose his life.

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