Goodbye Subrata Roy… used to sell snacks on scooter, this is how Sahara Group was established

Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy passed away after a long illness at the age of 75. The story of Sahara Group is no less than a film story. Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy started his journey by selling namkeen on a scooter. There came a time when accounts of a large population of the country were opened in Sahara. By depositing Rs 10-20, people had brought this company from the ground level.

This is how an empire was built

Subrata Roy, head of Sahara Group, along with a friend of his, started selling namkeen on scooter in the year 1978. But who knew that one day this same person would make the name Sahara an empire worth more than two lakh crores. By getting people to deposit Rs 10-20 every day, Sahara set an example which was completely new for India.

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