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Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh, which is also known as Singhdwar of Uttar Pradesh in the National Capital Region. Today is the 48th anniversary of this district. On this day, this district was carved out of Meerut and formed as Singhdwar of Uttar Pradesh in the National Capital Region. This is a small identity of Ghaziabad district. Many films have also been made on this district. District Ghaziabad is most effective in this. The shooting of this film was also done in Navyug Market of Ghaziabad. This film depicts how a city established as an industrial city became a crime capital within no time.

47 years ago in the year 1976, it was 14th November. At that time the then Chief Minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari had come to Ghaziabad. At that time Ghaziabad was a part of Meerut district. Local people complained to the Chief Minister that the district headquarters was far away. At the same time, CM ND Tiwari announced this district and as soon as he reached Lucknow in the evening, a government order in this regard was also issued. At that time, the area of ​​Ghaziabad district was determined, Noida and Hapur etc. were included in it.

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However, later both these districts were separated from Ghaziabad and became districts in their own right. Thus Ghaziabad district was officially established in government records. At that time the total population of this district was 16 lakhs. Today the population of the district is more than 60 lakhs. The name of Ghaziabad city appeared for the first time in revenue records in 1740. At that time, the country was ruled by the Mughals and Mughal emperor Ahmed Shah was sitting on the throne of Delhi.

Ghaziuddin established the city

Ghaziuddin was the Wazir in the emperor’s court. He got the estate of Ghaziabad. Therefore he established Ghaziuddin Nagar in his name. He established this city as a fort and built four gates to enter this fort. Later this fort became a city and the name of the city became Ghaziabad. The four gates of the fort were identified as Jawahar Gate, Delhi Gate, Dasna Gate, Sihani Gate. Even today, these four gates are present, while Ghaziuddin’s dilapidated mansion is also present right in the middle of the city.

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When this district was established in 1976, then Chief Minister ND Tiwari had promised the public that he would establish this city as an industrial city. With this, the people of Ghaziabad will not have to go out of here for employment. For this he got a plan prepared and industrial sectors were developed. At present, more than 27 thousand small scale factories were established in these industrial sectors. Due to this, money started raining in the district. Later, when the government changed in Uttar Pradesh, these schemes were eclipsed. Then came the 90s. During that period, more than half a dozen mafias were born here. His main business was extortion. For this, gang wars started happening every day. District Ghaziabad is also the story of this gang war.

Also played a role in the freedom movement

If we talk about Ghaziabad and do not discuss the freedom movement, it would be injustice to Ghaziabad. In fact, in 1857, when Mangal Pandey blew the first trumpet of the freedom movement in Meerut and the army turned against the British, the British tried to send troops from Delhi to Meerut. At that time the Ranbankurs of Ghaziabad had broken the bridge built on the Hindon River. Apart from this, the people of Ghaziabad had given tough competition to the British on many fronts. Talking about the present, there are four assembly and one Lok Sabha seat in the district. The MP from here is Union Minister VK Singh. Whereas Rajnath Singh, who reached the House from here five years ago, became the Home Minister. Earlier there used to be SP system for maintaining law and order, but now Commissionerate system is implemented here.

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