Ghaziabad: Fire broke out in Aditya Mall, fire brigade brought it under control; Major accident averted

A major fire incident occurred in Ghaziabad. A fire broke out in Aditya Mall located in Indirapuram on Monday evening. On receiving the information, the fire brigade team reached there and controlled the fire in time, thereby averting a major accident. The fire started due to a short circuit in the lift soft on the first floor, due to which the entire mall was filled with smoke. People were hurriedly evacuated from the mall and the fire brigade was informed. When the fire brigade team brought the fire under control, people heaved a sigh of relief.

Let us tell you that on Monday night there was a bustling atmosphere in Aditya Mall located in Indirapuram police station area. Even on the second day of Diwali, people reached the mall for shopping. There is a movie theater inside the mall so people were watching movies also. Meanwhile, the mall was suddenly filled with smoke. Seeing the smoke, there was panic among the people. People started coming out of the mall. When the theater also filled with smoke, people could not understand anything. Due to suffocation, people started leaving the movie and running away from the theatre.

The exit from the stairs of the mall is also Shankara

The fire brigade team that reached the spot first extinguished the fire, then the firemen went to the mall and theater and called out to the people to see if anyone was trapped there. However, upon investigation, no one was found trapped in the mall. After talking to the people present in Aditya Mall, it was revealed that there was chaos in the mall after the fire. The path leading from the stairs of the mall is quite narrow.

Route marking not indicated for exit in mall

There was no route marking indicating any exit anywhere in the mall. After the fire, the people present in the mall somehow managed to save their lives and get out of the mall. Therefore a major accident was averted. To manage the people present in the mall and theatre, the film show going on in the theater was also stopped thrice, so that people do not panic. At present the situation is normal. The fire brigade team is busy investigating.

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