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Varanasi Municipal Corporation has given a unique gift to tourists and pilgrims. Now, through 3-D sculpture map, many important places including the Ghats of Varanasi and Kashi Vishwanath Dham can be seen from one place. That means you can see the entire Varanasi city at a single glance. Be it the crescent-shaped ghats of Varanasi or the iconic buildings. The entire city will be visible at once.

Tourists not only from the country but from all over the world keep coming to Varanasi. Keeping their facilities in mind, Varanasi Smart City has taken this unique initiative. Here a 3-D sculpture map has been made in Dashashwamedh Bhawan located at Dashashwamedh Ghat. Any tourist can come here and get complete information about all the important places of the entire Varanasi city.

Tourists will get all the information

With the 3-D sculpture map, you can get information about all the important and famous places of Varanasi at a glance. Tourists will no longer have to wander. The Yogi government of UP has developed Dashashwamedh Bhawan i.e. a tourist plaza as a market on the empty space lying for years at Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Yogi Government Made 3d Sculpture Map

All the tourists who come to Kashi, definitely visit Dashashwamedh Ghat once. In view of the increasing number of tourists, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made a 3-D sculpture map in Dashashwamedh Bhawan. On this map, many iconic buildings of Varanasi including the crescent-shaped ghat of Kashi, the grandiose Srikashi Vishwanath Dham, the historic Beniya Bagh, Town Hall, Manmandir Observatory, Nepali Temple, Rudraksh Convention Centre, Namaste Sculpture of Namo Ghat, Library, Trauma Centre, Marwari Hospital. Have been engraved.

Dashashwamedh Bhavan built in Rs 28 crores

Dr D Vasudevan, General Manager of Smart City, says that a 3-D map sculpture of about 7.5 meter length and 3.0 meter width has been installed in Dashashwamedh Bhawan. Its height is about 0.75 meters. The 3-D sculpture map is made of bronze. He says that this building is going to prove very important for the people coming to Kashi.

Here, through 3-D map sculpture, tourists will get information about the important and necessary places of Varanasi at a glance. The three-storey Dashashwamedh building has been developed as a business centre. Its cost is Rs 28 crore.

(Input- Amit Kumar Singh)

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