Feedback of The Great Indian Family

The Great Indian Family tries to establish a strong connection with the real issues around us but falters miserably due to weak execution and direction.

Set in a small town, this film explores the collective efforts put in by the members of a typical orthodox family to protect themselves from caste discrimination. As a family drama, it brilliantly depicts the beautiful bond shared by the members of a family despite the recurring fallout. Also the use of humour to promote ideas like tolerance, acceptance and unity was marvellous. However, the latter half of the film disconnects from the first half and reduces it to a complete fiasco, spoiling the efforts of the ensemble cast. Once again the inability of a director wrecks an inspirational film. Vicky Kaushal delivers a decent performance pleasing the audience with his calming screen presence and offsets some of the blemishes of the film to the best of his abilities. (I liked/didn’t like The Great Indian Family because… September 23)

Aayman Anwar Ali

Directed by Dhoom:3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya, The Great Indian Family is like the silver lining we have all been waiting for. Ved Vyas alias Bhajan Kumar (Vicky Kaushal) is as pure a Brahmin as can be. He sings religious songs with fervour, has a doting family and is doing everything perfectly, including falling in love with Jasmeet (Manushi Chhillar), a Sikh singing sensation, till the day he discovers that he was born a Muslim. His world and all its tightly-held notions fall apart.

From then on, the film is an unravelling of the past and builds a future equally glorious in its shine, with clear, tolerant and inclusive eyes. Though the message is wonderful and just what was required, a little bit of sophistication in handling the script would have gone a long way in making its intention clear. Kaushal bears the movie on his shoulders and the mythical town of Balarampur has amazing ghats not unlike Varanasi. The age-old tale involving the two major religions in India is not an easy subject to negotiate and Acharya deserves praise for diving headlong into it. A must-watch for every Indian.

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