Faces changed in Rajasthan elections but no family, even grandchildren got tickets… 45 candidates related to dynasty are in the fray – Khel Ja

Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, political parties talk about ending dynasty rule, but when it comes to ticket distribution, everyone remains silent. With the beginning of dynasty rule in the assembly constituency, voices of rebellion are also seen. When the officials and workers working in the assembly constituency, who have been working as true soldiers of the party for a long time, ask for tickets, these officials and workers have to bear the brunt of dynasty politics. If we combine BJP and Congress in this election, a total of 45 tickets have been given to people who do their politics on the basis of dynasty politics.

In the name of dynasty, grandchildren are made claimants through great grandfather and grandfather. Be it BJP or Congress, almost all the political parties are trapped in the web of dynasty politics, but when it comes to the matter, they blame each other and shirk it. Just before the Rajasthan elections, many such names have come forward which expose the truth related to dynasty politics.

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Those faces of Rajasthan which are the biggest examples of racism

  • Divya Maderna, granddaughter of Parshuram Maderna, has been given the ticket. The Maderna family has been active in politics for three generations.
  • Dynasty is also being seen continuously in Nathuram Mirdha family. This time too, four candidates from the same family are contesting on three seats. Jyoti Mirdha, Harendra Mirdha, Tejpal Mirdha, Vijaypal Mirdha have got tickets.
  • Diya Kumari from the family of former Rajmata Gayatri Devi is also in the fray. Diya Kumari is contesting elections from Vidyadhar Nagar assembly. Gayatri Devi’s son Bhavani Singh also contested the Lok Sabha elections.
  • The royal family of Bikaner has also been active in politics for a long time. Siddhi Kumari, granddaughter of former Maharaja Karni Singh, is also contesting the elections this time.
  • The third generation of Devi Singh Bhati is also in the election field this time. This time BJP has made Devi Singh’s grandson Anshuman a contender from Kolayat seat.
  • Sachin Pilot, son of late Rajesh Pilot, is also contesting elections from Tonk. Have been fighting already.
  • Rohit Bohra, son of former minister Pradyuman Singh, is also in the election fray. Rohit Bora contested the first election in 2018 and won.
  • Meena Kawar, daughter-in-law of Kalyan Singh, who was Pradhan for 40 years, is also in the electoral fray.
  • Mahendra Bishnoi, grandson of former minister Ram Singh Bishnoi, is also in the election fray.
  • After the death of Bhanwarlal Sharma, Congress had fielded his son Anil Sharma in the by-election and he had won at that time. This time again Congress has expressed confidence in Anil Sharma.
  • Preeti, wife of former MLA Gajendra Singh from Vallabhnagar, is also contesting the elections.

Before the elections, both the BJP and Congress parties accused each other of promoting nepotism, but when the issue of ticket distribution came to light in the elections, dynasty rule prevailed over both the parties. Although both the parties talk about ending dynasty rule, the party also knows that if dynasty rule is abolished in elections, it may have to suffer losses. However, like every time, this time too dynasty has been seen dominating the assembly elections.

(Report- Basant Pandey)

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