Emirati entrepreneur Dr. Khalifa Saif Almuheirbi triumphs with best man in Real Estate Award at the 2023 Go Global Awards in Rhode Island, USA

Emirati entrepreneur Dr. Khalifa Saif Almuheirbi, Chairman of the Arabian Gulf Investment Group, has achieved a significant global milestone by securing both the Best Man in Real Estate Award and the Best Real Estate Company Award in the World for 2023.

This accomplishment took place at the 2023 Go Global Awards ceremony held in the US state of Rhode Island. The event, organized by the Rhode Island Department of Commerce and the World Trade Council, was attended by distinguished guests, including James Jolson, US Deputy Secretary of Commerce, and Elizabeth Tanner, Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce. The ceremony brought together over 1,200 international economic and commercial figures, as well as ambassadors and representatives from various countries in the United States of America.

Dr. Khalifa Saif Almuheirbi achieved the prestigious Best Man in Real Estate Award worldwide, a category introduced for the first time on the agenda of this annual global event held in one of the most significant capitals each year. During the ceremony, Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce, delivered a virtual speech, emphasizing the event’s crucial role in promoting global trade and economic activities, and discussing opportunities for economic cooperation among participating companies.

James Goldson, Deputy Secretary of Commerce of the United States of America, also addressed the ceremony, welcoming the participating companies, praising their excellence, and highlighting his ministry’s efforts to encourage investment across various sectors. During the ceremony, Elizabeth Tanner, the Commerce Minister of the State of Rhode Island, extended a warm welcome to the attendees and presented the award to Dr. Khalifa Saif Almuheirbi.

Expressing his pride, Dr. Khalifa Saif Almuheirbi highlighted the significance of receiving the Best Man in Real Estate Award for 2023 during the GO Global Awards ceremony. He explained that this honor marks a significant milestone in his professional career in the real estate field, which began in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Almuheirbi stated that the award for the Best Real Estate Company in the World for 2023, received by the Arabian Gulf Investment Company, represents the culmination of the company’s efforts in real estate investment over the past years. The company has successfully concluded real estate deals worth billions of dirhams and has expanded its presence by opening representative offices in more than 20 international capitals and cities.

Almuheirbi extended his thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership of the UAE, which has provided him with unwavering support and encouragement. This support has been instrumental in his success in the real estate sector, leading to a series of achievements in his professional and practical career.

Dr. Almuheirbi emphasized that these awards are a tribute to the United Arab Emirates, which, as a young Emirati, provided him with the capabilities and opportunities necessary for success and business expansion. These opportunities allowed him to establish the Arabian Gulf Investment Company, now recognized as one of the largest investment companies in the real estate sector-both locally and globally. The company has not only expanded its business in various international capitals but has also played a crucial role in attracting global real estate companies to invest in Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole.


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