Earth auger machine brought by 3 aircraft of Air Force, will rescue workers trapped in tunnel

It has been more than 85 hours since the Uttarkashi Tunnel accident. Everyone’s eyes are on the rescue team and its equipment, but till now the modern American Earth Auger machine has not been able to reach inside the tunnel. Because three aircraft of the Air Force were used to bring this machine. Different parts have been brought in all three aircraft.

These aircraft landed at Chinyalysand airstrip, which is about 25 kilometers from the tunnel. After loading from the airstrip, these parts are being brought to the tunnel through machines. For this reason, it is taking time to bring them. This entire route goes through the mountains. This is the reason why there is some difficulty in bringing it.

Till now the bits of this modern machine have been brought to the tunnel. The process of bringing the remaining parts is going on. Soon they will also be brought to the tunnel and the work of laying steel pipes will be started.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse News

Continuous contact is being made with the workers trapped in the tunnel.

Let us tell you that the officials and the teams engaged in rescue are talking to the workers trapped in the tunnel. If they need something, they tell it from within. When the rescue team asked the workers about their health, everyone told them that they were completely healthy. However, after staying inside for so many hours, there is still a worry about getting out.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Latest Update

Workers are in 2200 meter area of ​​the tunnel

Food items are being continuously sent to the workers. Those people are in approximately 2,200 meter area inside the tunnel. Along with the lights, there are also vehicles used inside the tunnel. At present, everyone’s eyes are on the fact that the American Earth Auger machine should come into the tunnel and start its work and the workers can be taken out.

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