Drink poppy seeds in a glass of milk in the morning, you will be surprised to know the health benefits. – Khel Ja

Health Tips: Everyone is loyal to his health. If he takes care of his health, his old age will also be good. Do you know that opium is also very beneficial for health? Opium (poppy seeds) seeds are white colored seeds that come from the poppy seed fruit. Apart from being tasty, they are also healthy. Which are commonly used to make halwa and thicken vegetable gravies.

But it has many other uses which people do not know about. Ayurvedic expert Dr. Abrar Multani says that it is very beneficial in terms of nutrition as it contains Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber as well as phytochemicals, vitamin B, thiamine, calcium and manganese.

Learn how to use it

in a glass of milk 1 teaspoon poppy seeds Boil it and drink it in the morning or at night before sleeping.

  1. Keeps the body cool Poppy seeds are known for their cooling effect. These reduce body temperature. Grinding poppy seeds and taking it with water reduces body temperature. This is the best medicine to keep the body cool in summer.
  2. Helps in weight loss: Poppy seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids which helps in weight loss. A few grains of this should be eaten daily.
  3. Provides relief from pain. The opium alkaloid present in it provides relief from all types of pain. Its consumption especially provides relief from muscle pain.
  4. It provides relief from respiratory problems by reducing phlegm. With its long-term consumption, respiratory diseases are completely cured.
  5. Drinking poppy seeds mixed with hot milk before sleeping will cure diseases like insomnia.

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