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slap therapy : Thappad se darr nahi lagta, sahib pyaar se lagta hai… This dialogue is very famous and it is also true that there is no need to be afraid of slap because this slap can give you beautiful and glowing skin. Yes, this must be known to those people who use beauty products for beautiful and glowing skin. Facial bleaching and many other treatments to look younger. Due to which the skin also gets harmed a lot. But you can make your face beautiful with slap therapy without spending a single rupee. Let us know how effective is sleep therapy and what are its benefits.

What is sleep therapy?

In this therapy the skin is gently patted. It increases blood circulation and makes the skin young and healthy. Both men and women can do this therapy. This treatment helps in minimizing the pores of the skin.

Benefits of slap therapy


South Koreans believe that slapping increases blood circulation to every part of the face. Due to which the skin becomes clear and the face starts glowing, this is the reason why the women there maintain their beauty by slapping themselves 50 times a day. In this you have to pat your cheeks with both your hands. Additionally, face slapping also involves pinching and caressing to get rid of fine lines. Americans believe that slapping helps shrink open skin pores. It also helps the skin to absorb the cream oil better. It softens the skin, reduces wrinkles.

Keep these things in mind while doing sleep therapy

You should be careful about the pressure while doing this procedure. The slap should be gentle so as not to damage your skin. Apart from this, people whose skin is delicate and sensitive should either do this therapy themselves or can go to a parlor.

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