Diwali 2023 Why does Lord Krishna have to offer 56 offerings? Know the stories related to this

Lifestyle News Desk. This time the festival of Janmashtami is being celebrated on 6th and 7th September. On this day people worship Lord Krishna in the form of Ladu Gopal. Apart from this, some devotees observe fast on Janmashtami and seek blessings of Lord Krishna. The tradition of offering 56 types of offerings to Shri Krishna on Janmashtami has been going on for a long time. This Prasad offered to Shri Krishna is also called Annakoot. All the 56 dishes offered to Shri Krishna have different names, but today we will tell you why 56 dishes are offered to Shri Krishna and what is the belief behind them. let us know…

There is a story related to Devraj Indra

According to mythological beliefs, the tradition of offering 56 Prasad to Shri Krishna is related to the glory of Devraj Indra. When Lord Krishna worshiped Govardhan, Lord Indra became angry. He got angry and caused heavy rain which forced the Brajvasis to apologize, but then to protect the Brajvasis, Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on his finger and asked all the Brajvasis to come down under it. According to mythological beliefs, Shri Krishna climbed Govardhan Mountain without eating or drinking anything for 7 days. Later when Indra realized his mistake he apologized to Kanhaji. Then on the seventh day, when the rain stopped, Mother Yashoda made fifty-six Prasad for Kanhaji for the people of Brij according to 8 prahars of 7 days. Since then, fifty-six Prasad are offered in the worship of Shri Krishna. Bhog includes many dishes including dal, rice, chutney, curry, ghevar, porridge, butter, cardamom, jalevi.

There is a story related to Gopis

Diwali 2023 Why does Lord Krishna have to offer 56 offerings?  Know the stories related to this

According to mythological beliefs, once the Gopis of Gokul bathed in Yamuna during Brahma Muhurta for a whole month to meet Lord Krishna. All the Gopis wanted to see Shri Krishna as their groom, so after taking bath, they took a promise from Mother Katya to see Shri Krishna as their groom. In return for fulfilling their vow, the Gopis requested Mother Katya to give them 56 types of food in Udyapan. Since then 56 offerings are made to Shri Krishna.

These food items are included in 56 Bhog

Diwali 2023 Why does Lord Krishna have to offer 56 offerings?  Know the stories related to this

Many types of dishes are offered to Lord Krishna. Such as bhakta (rice), soup (lentils), praleh (chutney), sadika (curry), dadhishkaja (curd vegetable curry), sikhirini (shikharani), avaleh (sherbet), balka (pot), ikshu kheerini (murabba), triangle (Khand), Batak (Bada), Madhu Title (Mathari), Fenika (Feni), Parishtakashcha (Puri), Shatapatra (Khajala), Sadhidrak (Ghevar), Chakram (Malpua), Childika (Chola), Sudhakundalika (Jalebi) ( ) Modak (Laddu), Dadhirup (Bilsru), Shaak (Green), Saudhan (Adhanau pickle), Mandak (Moth), Payas (halwa), Dadhi (curd), Goghrit (cow ghee), Haiyangpinam (butter), Manduri. (cream), Kupika (rabri), Parpat (papad), Shaktika (sera), Lasika (lassi), Suvat, Sanghaya (mohan), Suphala (betel nut), Sita (cardamom), Phal, Tambul, Mohan Bhog. , salt, trite, sweet, sour, bitter, acid.

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