Difficult to breathe in Delhi-NCR, air becomes ‘poisonous’ after Diwali, AQI crosses 400 – Khel Ja

After the rain last Friday, the atmosphere of Delhi was very good for two days. The air quality had improved to a great extent, but once again the problem of pollution has deepened here. After Diwali, the air quality in Delhi has once again touched dangerous levels. At present the AQI in Delhi has crossed 435. Whereas AQI has reached 418 in Noida and 391 in Gurugram. Due to this, once again people have started feeling burning sensation in the eyes and difficulty in breathing.

According to the report of pollution monitoring website Safar, the overall AQI in Delhi was recorded at 435 at 6 am on Tuesday. This figure is in the severe category from health point of view. According to this website, along with Delhi, the air of the cities of NCR has also become badly poisoned. AQI was recorded at 469 at Delhi Airport on Tuesday morning, while AQI in Pusa crossed 572. Whereas AQI has been recorded at 488 around IIT Delhi and 440 on Lodhi Road.

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According to the report, AQI 413 has been recorded in Delhi University. Whereas 372 AQI has been recorded on Mathura Road, 355 in Dhirpur and 395 in Ayanagar. Among NCR cities, Air Quality Index has been recorded at 418 in Noida, while 391 AQI has been recorded in Gurugram. According to Central Pollution Control Board officials, with these figures the air of Delhi NCR is in the severe category. This is extremely dangerous for health.

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According to officials, people in many areas have faced irritation in the eyes and difficulty in breathing. Even though there is a ban by the Supreme Court, there is a lot of fireworks being done all over Delhi NCR on Diwali. It is believed that due to this the pollution level has deteriorated rapidly. Pollution started increasing from late Sunday night and continues till Tuesday morning. Delhi government has said that if AQI crosses 450, then odd-even formula will be implemented for vehicles in Delhi. Now that Delhi’s pollution has crossed this figure, it is expected that implementation of this formula will start in Delhi today or tomorrow.

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