Delhi’s Labor Minister reached Singhu border at midnight, pollution spreading vehicles caught during monitoring of GRAP-IV – Khel Ja

Delhi Government’s Labor Minister Raj Kumar Anand along with his officials reached Singhu Border last night to investigate whether the rules of GRAP-IV are being strictly followed in and around Delhi. Under the rules of GRAP-IV, BS-3 petrol and BS-4 diesel vehicles have been banned in the capital. But during this surprise inspection, it was found that the entry of diesel vehicles from Haryana into Delhi is continuing.

Labor Minister Raj Kumar Anand called it extremely worrying. He spoke to the driver on the spot. Told him that there is a ban on entry of diesel vehicles in Delhi. Because the environment of Delhi has become very bad. Labor Minister Raj Kumar Anand also instructed the officials for strict monitoring and implementation of GRAP-IV.

Request to UP, Haryana Government

Labor Minister Raj Kumar Anand said during this time that sending diesel vehicles from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to Delhi should be stopped. He requested the governments of both the states that the diesel vehicles coming from them are increasing the pollution in Delhi.

Raj Kumar Anand Reached Singhu Border

He instructed SDM Narela to give information through hoardings, banners, camps and handbills so that the movement of diesel vehicles is banned. He said that at the time of entry from Haryana, big banners should be put up with information about all the instructions and rules so that the drivers can get information and they should not enter within the limits of Delhi.

Kejriwal government is working on pollution

During this, Labor Minister Raj Kumar Anand raised the question that whether the ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are concerned about the promptness with which the Kejriwal government is active on the ground in continuously reducing the pollution level? He said that we are doing our work honestly and are making every possible effort to provide relief to the people of Delhi from pollution.

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