“Delhi Jal Board providing less water for NDMC area,” says NDMC member Chahal

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Jun 18, 2024 19:24 IST

New Delhi [India], June 18 (Desk): Kuljeet Singh Chahal, a member of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) on Tuesday targeted the Delhi Jal Board and said that the council is facing an acute water problem due to a shortage of water supply being provided by the Board during the past few days.
Out of three Water Treatment Plants, the Delhi Jal Board has not provided a single drop of water in the Wazirabad Plant, due to which hospitals like Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital, Lady Hardinge Hospital are facing problems, the press release by NDMC said.
Chahal said that the minimum committed quantity of water supposed to be provided by the Delhi Jal Board to the NDMC is 125 million of litres per day (MLD). Water is being provided to NDMC by the Delhi Jal Board from mainly three Water Treatment Plants–Wazirabad, Chanderawal and Sonia Vihar.
He said that the major issue right now is with the Wazirabad water treatment plant, running at less than 50% capacity. He said, “Delhi Jal Board is supposed to provide 60 MLD water but not a single drop of water could be provided resulting in a severe shortage of water in areas of Gole Market, Bengali Market, Tilak Marg, Parliament House, Supreme Court, High Court, judges’ bungalows, DIJ area, hospitals like RML, Kalawati and Lady Harding.”

Talking about the Chanderawal Water Treatment Plant, the press release quoted Chahal as saying, “Chanderawal Water Treatment Plant is running 30% short capacity, 35 MLD of water against which 20 to 25 MLD of water being provided by the Delhi Jal Board, which mainly covers President Estate, Chankayapuri, Embassies, P.M House, M.P flats etc.”
Sonia Vihar Water Treatment Plant is running at 10% short capacity, and Delhi Jal Board is supposed to provide 30 MLD of water against which 20 MLD of water is being provided and areas like Jor Bagh, Bharti Nagar, Pandara Road, Khan Market, Kaka Nagar, Bapa Nagar etc., are facing crisis, the press release said.
Chahal informed that considering the regular short supply for Wazirabad Plant and other areas, NDMC is taking care of its residents by supplying water through water tankers etc. and trying to attend as many complaints as possible but it is not adequate.
The press release informed that during the press conference, Chahal said that for major JJ Clusters, like Sanjay Camps and Vivekanand Camp, NDMC has placed 10 and seven water tankers of 10,000 litres capacity for these clusters respectively. “This is an additional help for its residents to collect water through these water tankers also besides water tankers and tap water,” Chahal added.
The NDMC member also targeted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for not fulfilling promises. “Kejriwal makes several promises to voters of New Delhi area providing free water etc. but fails to provide essential commodities which includes potable water even in their constituency. Kejriwal is trying to run the government from the Tihar Jal, which is not feasible at all,” Chahal said. (Desk)

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