Craving Something Exciting? Try This Mumbai Street-Style Lays Frankie Right Away

We can all agree on this: eating something on a regular basis can get quite monotonous. We are talking about the regular dal, sabzi, roti, and chawal.

Sure, they provide contentment to our hearts, but there are times when we want to try something different. And this includes the opposite of what we refer to as simple ghar ka khaana. The number-one preference when such cravings arise is street food. There are a plethora of street food recipes to try, and they are all equally delicious. One such favourite is the classic Frankie recipe. It’s super easy to make and makes for a filling snack to enjoy. Let’s introduce you to an exciting version of it that might just become your new favourite: Mumbai street-style Lays Frankie. Are you slurping already? Read on!

What Is Mumbai Street-Style Lays Frankie?

Frankie is a popular street in Mumbai. It’s often confused with kathi rolls, but they are not the same. The bread that is used to prepare a Frankie recipe is usually much thinner than that of a kathi. For the stuffing, you can experiment with a variety of ingredients. This particular one features a delicious aloo tikki that is topped with onions, Lays chips, and lots of cheese. The combination of crunchy chips and soft cheese is just too hard to resist. You can prepare this yummy Frankie to enjoy as an evening snack or whenever you feel like treating yourself to something indulgent. A side of pudina chutney or ketchup makes for the perfect accompaniment to it.
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How To Make Mumbai Street-Style Lays Frankie Recipe | Easy Frankie Recipe

To make this Frankie recipe, start by heating oil in a pan. Add garlic, jeera, red chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, and all the dry masalas. Cook for around 3-4 minutes, and then add the mashed and boiled potatoes. Mix well, mash it, and add salt and coriander leaves. Mix again to combine everything together. Keep the mixture aside to cool down. Now, shape the masala into tikkis and shallow fry on a pan set on a low-medium flame. Brush them with oil to prevent them from sticking. Next, take a paratha or roti and heat it over the tawa to make it crispy. Place the tikki in the centre of the paratha and top it with chopped onions, Frankie masala, chilli vinegar, Lays chips, and a generous amount of processed cheese. Roll the paratha from one end to the other to form a Frankie and enjoy! Your Mumbai street-style Lays Frankie is ready to be savoured.


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