Consume this fruit instead of coffee and tea in the morning, you will remain fresh and active throughout the day.

Morning apple vs coffee: Most people start their day by drinking tea or coffee. They think that they will be able to feel refreshed by eliminating sleep and laziness, but do you know that this habit of yours can harm you. You should avoid consuming caffeine as soon as you wake up in the morning. Especially a diabetic patient should not drink tea or coffee in the morning. Instead of this you can eat healthy food like apple. Eating an apple in the morning has many amazing benefits for the body.

as soon as I wake up in the morning 1 apple do eat

You must have heard the saying that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, that is, by eating an apple a day you can avoid going to the doctor. Eating apple daily strengthens your immunity and has many benefits, due to which doctors recommend eating apple daily.

Beneficial in weight loss and heart diabetes


Apple is not only nutritious but also helps in weight loss. Apple is a fruit rich in fiber and juice. Apple is very beneficial for heart, blood pressure and diabetic patients. It contains polyphenols, which can reduce blood pressure. Eating apples can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. This keeps your stomach and intestines healthy.

eat apple like this

Apple protects you from caffeine consumption. It contains natural sugars that wake you up in the morning and give you energy throughout the day. Apple contains plenty of fiber which keeps your blood sugar level under control. If you do not like to eat apple this way, then you can eat apple in the form of smoothie or salad. You can drink fresh apple juice, but it is better to eat the apple as is. This will also make a difference to your skin.

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