Congress storm will come in Madhya Pradesh, we will win 150 seats; Rahul’s big claim in Vidisha

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made a big claim in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. He said that Congress storm will come in Madhya Pradesh. Congress is winning 145-150 seats here. During this, he fiercely attacked BJP. He said that we have defeated BJP in Karnataka and Himachal. We will waive off the loans of farmers in Madhya Pradesh. BJP had said that Congress will not be able to do this but we had waived off the loans of farmers last time.

Rahul said that there is a stolen government in Madhya Pradesh. You had elected the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh five years ago, but Modi-Shivraj Singh-Amit Shah had stolen your elected government by buying the MLAs. BJP leaders had worked to crush your decision and the voice of your heart. Cheated the farmers, youth and small traders of the state. He said that BJP has not opened even a single factory.

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BJP defeated in Karnataka and Himachal

Rahul Gandhi said that we have defeated BJP in Karnataka and Himachal. We opened ‘love shops’ in the ‘market of hatred’. We are soldiers of non-violence. We do not believe in killing. We chased them away with love. We told them that there is no place for you here. You looted Karnataka. They ran a government with 40 percent commission, so go away. Congress party government will come here.

Modi ji has not opened even a single factory – Rahul

Rahul said that in Madhya Pradesh you will ask the youth – what do you do? Their answer is- Nothing. Modi ji says that we have opened 500 factories in Madhya Pradesh, but not a single factory opened by Modi ji is visible. Just now I came to know that Rs 1,700 crore was sent for the development of your city, but not a single rupee has reached you. All the money went into the pockets of corrupt BJP ministers.

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