Congress doesn’t know what kind of soil Modi is made of…we were asked the date of Ram temple – PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Vijay Sankalp Maharally in Betul, Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. During this, he fiercely targeted Congress. PM Modi said that Congress never fulfills its promises. We do what we say. Congress people used to ask us the date of construction of Ram temple. These people do not know what material Modi is made of. Congress got votes by lying.

He said that Congress never fulfills the promises it makes. BJP does more than what it promises. PM Modi said that the old people of Congress are not visible at all. Congress has accepted that the false promises of Congress cannot stand in front of Modi’s guarantee. Modi’s guarantee means guarantee is also a guarantee. This time the public has decided. BJP government is going to be formed once again in the state. Let us know what PM Modi said in Betul…

  • PM Modi said that in 2014 you had sent me to Delhi to serve the country. After that, year after year, day by day, Congress’s hatred for Modi is increasing. Those who used to abuse 2 earlier are now abusing Modi 20. I am bearing these abuses and hatred to fulfill your dreams.
  • Prime Minister Modi said that Congress gathered votes of the tribal community for decades. But Congress always kept the tribals away from facilities like roads, electricity, water, hospitals, schools. Whatever promises Congress makes, it never fulfills. Last time, these people could not fulfill the promise of loan waiver till one and a half years after the government was formed.
  • He further said that BJP tries to do more than what it promises. There is a place for tribals in our heart. Therefore, when the opportunity came, BJP respected your pride and understood your feelings. That is why Draupadi Murmu ji, a daughter born in a tribal village and born in a poor family, is today the President of the country and is leading the country.
  • PM Modi said that Madhya Pradesh BJP has issued a wonderful resolution letter for every region and every section. This resolution letter is the development letter of the people of Madhya Pradesh. BJP’s guarantee of Eklavya residential school in every tribal dominated block, a medical college in every tribal district, permanent houses to the beloved sisters, MSP of paddy and wheat to the farmers is being appreciated all around.
  • Prime Minister Modi said that Congress used to give MSP only on 6 or 7 forest produce whereas BJP gives MSP on 90 forest produce.
    Seeing the defeat certain, Congress leaders are distraught. Congress leaders have started threatening government employees and officials. I will tell the government employees and officers that there is no need to be afraid of threats, you should keep working honestly.

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