Concealer is effective in making the skin blemish free, just keep these things in mind before buying. – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

Skin Care: Everyone wants to make their skin flawless and beautiful, but nowadays due to changing weather and food habits, many types of problems start appearing on the face. Due to these problems, many types of spots and blemishes also start appearing on the skin. Women use concealer to hide these blemishes. Concealer is a makeup product that makes your skin flawless. With this you can hide the spots and blemishes on your face in a few seconds. Most beauty experts recommend using concealer to give a flawless look to the face. You will find many types of concealers in the market but everyone should choose different types of concealers depending on their skin type. If you do not do this, instead of hiding the spots and blemishes on the skin, they may become more visible. Let us know what is the formula for choosing concealer?

Formula for buying concealer?

Before buying concealer, any woman should know its correct use. Liquid concealer should be bought by those women whose skin is normal, oily and sensitive. If your skin is very dry then cream concealer may be a better option for you. It gives good coverage to your skin. Stick concealers are a great option for people with dry and sensitive skin.

How to choose the right shade of concealer?


– Buy only such concealer which matches the skin color.
– To hide dark circles, use yellow or orange concealer.
– If you have red spots on your face, apply green concealer
– Choose orange concealer to hide acne, blemishes or wrinkles.

With such measures you can give a better complexion to your skin. Concealer is effective in keeping your skin flawless. Therefore, do not reduce its impact by your mistake.

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