Chhath Puja special train cancelled, angry passengers pelted stones at the railway station. – Khel Ja

People pelted stones at the train at Sirhind railway station in Punjab. Angry people pelted stones at the special train being run on Chhath Puja due to its being canceled at the last moment. Meanwhile, hundreds of people present at the station created a ruckus. Enraged by the cancellation of the train, people pelted stones at other trains present at the station. The RPF present at the spot dispersed the crowd with difficulty.

On Tuesday, thousands of people had reached the railway station of Sirhind town to go to Saharsa. The passengers had also taken the tickets, then they came to know that the train going from Sirhind to Saharsa has been cancelled. As soon as hundreds of people waiting came to know about the cancellation of the train, they became angry. The angry crowd started pelting stones at the station. A stampede-like situation arose due to stone pelting.

RPF team took charge

There are also reports of angry mobs pelting stones at trains. The RPF team present at the station took charge to handle the situation. On receiving information about uproar and stone pelting, local police also reached the station. RPF and local police barely chased away the angry mob from there. Officials say that those pelting stones will be identified. Action will be taken against whoever is found guilty.

Police denied the incident of stone pelting

In view of the festive season, a large number of special trains have been run by the Railway Department. In view of Chhath festival, Railways has operated special trains for people to go home easily. This special train was also run from Sirhind to Saharsa. The crowd was waiting for the train when suddenly people got angry on the information about the cancellation of the train. At the same time, in this case the police has denied the incident of stone pelting. Police say that people created a ruckus due to the train being cancelled.

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