Chhath festival is celebrated with great pomp not only in the country but also in foreign countries.

Chhath festival, associated with folk faith, resides like a heartbeat in the hearts of the people of Bihar. Women start preparations for Chhath many days in advance. People living in other cities also reach their homes for this great festival. Apart from the country, this festival is also celebrated in foreign countries. There is hardly anyone who does not know about Chhath Puja. Apart from Bihar, this festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in other states also.

Where is this festival celebrated?

Chhath festival is unique in Bihar, Jharkhand and Patna. The ghats of lakes and rivers are decorated like a bride and the view is unique in the morning and evening i.e. at sunrise and sunset. Chhath Puja lasts for about four days. This time Chhath festival will start on 17th November 2023 with Nahay Khay and Chhath will end on Monday 20th November. So know in which states apart from Bihar you can enjoy Chhath festival.

Chhath is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh

People have different beliefs regarding the great festival of folk faith, Chhath. Apart from Bihar, Chhath festival is celebrated in many places in Eastern UP also. People also celebrate Chhath with great pomp in Noida, UP, because a large number of tourists stay here.

Chhath festival is also celebrated with great pomp in West Bengal.

Chhath is the biggest festival of the year for the people of Maithili, Bhojpuri and Magadha, but this festival is also enjoyed in West Bengal. For this, special arrangements for worship are made at the ghat.

Chhath is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Delhi.

The faith displayed by Chhath cannot be measured. People celebrate this festival with great joy in Delhi. Apart from the country, Chhath is celebrated from America to Dubai.


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