Charge+Zone Launches India’s First 360kW Supercharging Station

Charge+Zone, the fastest-growing EV charging company in India, has launched the nation’s first-ever SuperCharging Network. This significant development will bolster the burgeoning high-speed EV charging network in the country.


The Charge+Zone SuperCharging Network will feature strategically located superchargers on major highways and within key city centres. These stations will not just be charging points for EVs but will sport integrated facilities such as washrooms, restaurants, and shopping amenities. Some selected stations even incorporate solar panels on canopies as part of a sustainable solution.

The premier supercharging stations are slated to be operational in Mumbai and CCD, Vellore this month. These stations will be equipped with 180 KW dual gun chargers and 360 KW power cabinets, a first in India’s EV charging technology.

The power cabinets include four charging guns that can deliver 60 KW each at 200 Amp and one gun that can deliver 500 A (DC) current with liquid cooling.

Charge+Zone superchargers convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), providing high-power DC voltage and current directly to EV batteries that support DC quick charging standards.

Speaking about the launch of Charge+Zone’s supercharger network, Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO at Charge+Zone, said, “The launch of our SuperCharging Network manifests our unwavering commitment to transforming the EV charging landscape in India. We aim to meet the increasing demand for convenient and fast EV charging options, crucial for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”

Ravindra Mohan, Director (Operations & Technology), Charge+Zone, also voiced his thoughts on the launch,

The supercharging network is part of Charge+Zone’s wider strategy to establish over 150 supercharging stations across India. According to Charge+Zone, the expansion into Vellore and Mumbai was driven by the high traffic volume on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway, one of South India’s busiest routes, and the need for fast and convenient charging options in prime commercial complexes like BKC, Mumbai.

Charge+Zone claims that its supercharger network will enable truck and bus fleet operators to transition their mid-mile transportation fleet to EVs by offering quick and reliable charging. The dedicated EV tariff line laid by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) and the separate substation installed by Charge+Zone at CCD Vellore will further facilitate convenient charging for fleet operators.

Thoughts About The Charge+Zone Supercharger Network

Charge+Zone’s Supercharger Network initiative is a significant step towards establishing a grid of fast charging stations across the country to help make EVs more feasible for those undertaking long journeys and for fleet operators looking to make the switch to zero emissions solutions.

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