Boiling over the murder of Haryana Roadways driver, employees blocked the road; People sitting on strike with dead body for 2 days – Khel Ja

In protest against the murder of Haryana Roadways driver Rajveer Singh in Ambala on Diwali night, the joint front of Haryana Roadways Employees Union blocked the road in the state. The union had already decided to go on strike for roadways buses in the state. The union employees are on strike carrying the body of the deceased bus driver.

The roadways employees sitting on strike have said that they had made many demands from the government including the arrest of those accused of murdering the deceased driver. When the demands were not met the union started a strike. The son of the deceased, who was sitting on the dharna, told that his father was murdered while on duty. Regarding which they are keeping the dead body here and waiting for the government’s response. The government has not listened to them yet.

The family has been sitting with the dead body for 2 days

On the night of Diwali, roadways driver Rajveer Singh was murdered by some unknown people during an argument at Ambala Cantonment bus stand. The killers had absconded after the incident. Due to which the family members of the deceased Rajveer Singh, along with the Roadways Union, kept the body at the Ambala Cantt bus stand and demanded the arrest of the killers. When the demands of the family members were not met even after 2 days, the union blocked the roadways from 12 o’clock in the night. A senior leader of the Sanjha Morcha sitting on strike told that the way his colleague was murdered while on duty, he has demanded from the government to immediately arrest the killers along with giving a job to one member of the family and giving martyr status to the deceased. . Besides, a demand has also been made to give Rs 50 lakh to the family of the deceased driver.

Travelers wandering to go home

During Bhaiya Dooj festival, passengers are very troubled due to jam on roadways. Due to non-operation of buses, sisters were seen wandering to go to their brother’s house during the festival. Due to traffic jam of Roadways Department buses, private vehicles got free time. Operators of private vehicles charged exorbitant amounts to take passengers to their places. Among these, along with private bus drivers, maxi cabinet drivers also charged more fare than the passengers. At the same time, passengers were also seen traveling on the roof of the bus.

The bag of a female passenger was taken away

A female passenger traveling in the bus told that she was coming from Jalandhar Punjab. He had to go to Delhi, but the bus stopped at Ambala and he got off here. Someone took away one of his bags from the bus. A passenger traveling in the bus told that someone in his relation has died. But, they are facing problems due to closure of roadways buses. There is so much crowd in other buses that even space is not available. It is not possible to go by car, now I don’t understand how to go.

(Input-Krishna Bali)

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