Body in freeze, parts in jungle, how Shraddha murder case was revealed in Delhi on 12th November

The story of Shraddha Valkar murder case, which shook not only Delhi but the entire country, is also very scary and mysterious. The biggest mystery of this incident is that how did Shraddha’s lover Aftab Poonawala, who appeared innocent, get so much courage that he cut the body into 35 pieces with his own hands. Aftab had also told this matter of 35 pieces to the police. However, the police recovered only 19 pieces in total. In such a situation, it is still a mystery as to how many pieces this evil lover broke his love.

Actually, Shraddha’s father Vikas Valkar had received input from Mumbai Police itself that the last location of Shraddha’s mobile was found in Mehrauli area of ​​Delhi. After this input, he reached Mehrauli police station in Delhi on 8 November 2022 and gave a missing complaint to the police, fearing something untoward. After this, the police picked up the accused Aftab Poonawala on the basis of suspicion. During the initial interrogation, this vicious criminal even misled the police. Said that she used to fight a lot, so he has left her.

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However, later he broke down and whatever revelations he made, even the police were stunned. He told that after murdering Shraddha by strangulation, he was nervous at first. Therefore, he left the dead body in the kitchen and then started drinking while playing loud music. During this time, an idea came to his mind and he started searching on Google for ways to dispose of the dead body. Finally, after two days, he bought a freezer from the market and brought an animal cutting knife.

The dead body was cut into pieces while under the influence of alcohol.

Then, under the influence of alcohol, he cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and packed it in polythene and kept it in the freezer. But when the body pieces started getting spoiled even in the freezer, he disposed of them one by one in the forests of Mehrauli. He told during police interrogation that he had cut off Shraddha’s head and kept it in the fridge and for 16 days, he started his work every morning after seeing Shraddha’s face. But in such a long time, the pieces of the dead body had completely deteriorated.

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Aftab told in his statement that after disposing of these pieces, he also went to Mumbai by train for ten days. He had switched off Shraddha’s mobile phone and thrown it out of the train somewhere in Gujarat. When he returned to Delhi after 10 days, he started missing Shraddha in this house. Therefore, remembering Shraddha, he used to play loud music every day and sit down to drink alcohol. After the confession of this criminal, different teams of Delhi Police started combing the Mehrauli forest every day for 15 days to search for pieces of dead bodies.

The trial of the case is in the final stages

During this time, some pieces were found on 60 Foot Road and some pieces were found in DLF Phase 3 in Gurugram. The DNA of all these pieces was matched with Shraddha’s father. Even after the DNA match, the police were yet to get answers to many questions. Therefore, first polygraphy test and then narco test was conducted on Offtab. Finally, on May 9 this year, Delhi Police investigated the case and presented the charge sheet in the court, where the hearing has started after framing the charge of Shraddha’s murder against Aftab Poonawala. This trial is now in its final stages and it is expected that the court will give its verdict within the next two-three months.

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