Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Results: Vichitra Leads, Vickram And These Two Contestants In Bottom Three For Elimination

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Results: The journey of Bigg Boss Tamil 7 began on October 1, with superstar Kamal Haasan taking on the role of the host.

The season kicked off with 18 contestants and is currently running in Week 8. The weekend ka vaar will see some shocking elimination and eight contestants have been nominated this week.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Nominated Contestants

This week, the individuals facing the possibility of elimination include Vichitra, Raveena Daha, Manichandra, Poornima, RJ Bravo, Gana Bala, Akshaya Udayakumar, and Saravana Vickram. These contestants have been nominated, and their fate will be decided in the upcoming elimination round in Bigg Boss Tamil 7. It adds a layer of suspense and anticipation as viewers await to see who will continue their journey in the competition.

Vichitra Leads with Maximum Votes

Vichitra is currently in the lead with an impressive majority of votes, exceeding 50% in her favor. Following closely behind are Raveena and Manichandra, creating an intriguing competition. Notably, a challenging battle for survival is unfolding among Gana Bala, Akshaya, and Vickram, as they find themselves in the bottom three. The dynamics of the voting results add an element of excitement, as viewers eagerly await the outcome of this closely contested round.

Vickram Receives Least Number Of Votes

Unfortunately, Vickram has garnered the fewest number of votes in his favor, placing him at the lower end of the voting tally. This suggests that he is currently facing a challenging situation in terms of public support, adding an element of uncertainty to his journey in the competition.

Last week, the unexpected elimination of Aishu took everyone by shock. Nixen, visibly emotional, couldn’t hold back tears following Aishu’s exit. It’s worth mentioning that Aishu and Nixen had been a notable topic of discussion due to their close bond, sparking curiosity and speculation among onlookers.

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