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A major lapse was seen today in the tight security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached Jharkhand on his two-day visit on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day. A woman entered the Prime Minister’s carcade. There was an atmosphere of chaos when the woman suddenly jumped in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s car, however, within a few seconds, the SPG commandos and Jharkhand Police personnel deployed for the security of the Prime Minister removed the woman and took her into custody.

The detained woman is being interrogated. The video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security lapse and the woman jumping in front of his car is now going viral on social media. However, TV9 Hindi does not confirm this viral video.

It can be clearly seen in the viral video that the woman was breaking the security cordon and coming in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s car and trying to show him something.

Woman entered PM Modi’s convoy

But the biggest question is that despite the alertness of more than 3000 security personnel, more than a dozen IPS officers, DSP Inspector rank officers, Inspector of Jharkhand Police as well as SPG commandos, how did the woman break the security cordon and come in front of the Prime Minister’s car? Has reached. At present the entire incident is being investigated by Jharkhand Police.

Actually, this entire incident happened when the Prime Minister, after resting at the Raj Bhavan on the night of 14th November during his two-day visit, was going in the morning to inspect the museum built in the memory of Lord Birsa Munda on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day. .

Meanwhile, as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s carcade was leaving Raj Bhavan and going towards Jail Chowk via Radium Road, after moving a short distance from the SSP residence, suddenly a woman came and stood in front of PM Modi’s car on Radium Road. happened.

PM’s convoy stopped after the woman came forward

Due to the woman coming forward, PM Modi’s convoy stopped in the middle of the road for a few seconds. After removing the woman from the road, PM Modi’s convoy moved towards its destination.

After the incident of huge lapse in the security of the Prime Minister has come to light, the PMO office can take a strict stand regarding this. The security personnel deployed at the spot may also be punished, although no action has been taken so far.

According to the information received, the name of the woman who entered PM Modi’s carcade is Sangeeta Jha. Due to domestic problems, she wanted to meet the Prime Minister and present her views.

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