Begging, folded hands…the brutes kept scratching, 5 youths gang-raped a girl in Agra – Khel Ja

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Here, an incident of gang rape of a girl was carried out in a home stay located in Face Two. As soon as the police reached the spot after receiving information about the incident, they found her in a delirious condition. She was crying. The accused also made him drink alcohol. A police officer said that the girl has been medically examined. Meanwhile, the police have arrested 4 accused in this case.

It is being told that the woman has also been assaulted. A video related to this incident is also going viral, in which she is pleading to save me. I have daughters too. The incident is said to have happened late Saturday night. A police officer said that the name of the main accused is Jitendra Rathore. He along with his four friends committed the crime. The victim already knew Jitendra.

The accused were blackmailing

The girl told the police that an accused had made an obscene video of her. After this he was being blackmailed. On Saturday, accused Jitendra came to his house, along with him four of his friends also came. Here all four forcibly made the girl drink alcohol. After this everyone did dirty work with him one by one. When the police arrived the woman was crying. Somehow the policemen silenced the girl.

Police arrested 4 accused

The name of the operator of the home stay where the girl was staying is said to be Ravi. The accused fled away after committing the incident. The girl was pleading for help, hearing her voice some people came to help. Just then someone made a video of it and uploaded it on social media. Police have also detained a woman from the spot. At the same time, four of the absconding accused have been arrested in this case. Their names are Jitendra Rathore, Ravi Rathore, Manish Kumar and Dev Kishore. Agra ACP Archana Singh said that the police is busy investigating the case.


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