Ayushmann Khurrana enjoys his road trip ‘Sadak pe, Kheton ke paas’; Fans react

Ayushmann Khurrana started his career as a VJ and host and then went on to act in Bollywood movies. In most of his films, he can be seen playing the role of a common man dealing with social stigmas and stereotypes.

While he’s a popular star and enjoys the luxury and fame that comes with it, he’s also a common man at heart. In a recent post, Khurrana showcased what he did when he took a halt during a road trip.

Ayushmann Khurrana enjoys his road trip like a common man

On multiple occasions, Ayushmann Khurrana has taken us on a trip down memory lane by sharing some blasts from the past. He once shared a picture with multiple song tapes that we used to put in our Walkmans and cassette players and enjoy the melody. In a recent post, he gave a peek into his road trip towards Chandigarh.

On his way to the city, the Doctor G actor stopped his vehicle to enjoy a glass of fresh fruit juice. In the first photo, he can be seen sitting on a cart and flaunting his glass of juice. It was followed by a video that showed the vendor pouring the juice into multiple glasses. Khurrana also gave a glimpse of the green fields and the blue sky. Sharing the pictures, the actor penned, “Sadak pe. Kheton ke paas. Chandigarh ke paas. Ghar se kuch 30 km duur. I know raw fruit khaana better hai, par sadak waala juice thoda thanda, thoda kaala namak, aur bhaiya bartan dho ke banana, ka mazaa next level hai imho.” (sic)

Take a look:


Watching him enjoy the little things in life just as he used to do before he became a star, won many hearts online. A user commented on his post, “This Chandigarh boy always being so grounded and true to his roots is also next level only” while another wrote, “Aisi raw and real posts ka bhi mazaa next level hai imho.” A third user called him a true inspiration and penned, “The way u r so down to earth always make me fall more and more deep in your love. A true inspiration who always teach me hold success and roots in hands. Mine forever favourite.”


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