Aslam of Aligarh became a millionaire in two days, Rs 4.78 crore in his bank account – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

If crores of rupees suddenly come into your account without any hard work, why would you do it? Chances are you’ll be so happy, you’ll try to buy all the things you could possibly dream about. But this is not the case with Aslam, who lives in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Rs 4.78 crore has suddenly arrived in his bank account, but he is not happy. Rather surprised and upset. Ever since the money came into the account, he has been making rounds of the bank and sometimes the police.

He fears that some terrorist organization may have sent this money. Yes, this strange incident has happened with Aslam, a resident of Bhujpura in Uparkot Kotwali police station area of ​​Aligarh. Aslam is shocked and worried after receiving the message on his mobile regarding the amount of money being credited to his account. He immediately informed the police about the matter. Told that he did not know anything about this money. He himself reached the bank and tried to find out who sent him this money and why.

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At present the cyber cell of the police is investigating this transaction. The police have taken account details from Aslam and frozen the account. Aslam told that as soon as he got information about money coming into his account, he ran to the bank. Got his account checked there, but even the bank officials could not tell who sent this money. In such a situation, he immediately informed the police. He was afraid that he might get into trouble because of this money, but till now even the police did not tell him anything.

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The police have frozen his bank account. Due to this, along with these Rs 4.78 crore, his own hard earned money has also been frozen in the bank. Aslam has called the CM helpline in this regard. He told that he has an account in IDFC Bank. Earlier the money was transferred to this account. After this it was transferred to UCO Bank account. Both these accounts are in his own name.

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