Are your nails turning yellow? If yes then here is an easy solution.

We often make a lot of efforts to make the face and other parts of the body beautiful, but we often ignore the cleanliness of the nails. Nails express the personality of any person, so cleaning them is very important, but do you know how yellow and dirty nails can be brightened easily?

Modern girls still make their nails beautiful with the help of nail paint, but boys do not pay much attention to this part of the body, due to which dirt accumulates in the nails and they turn yellow. Today we are going to tell you those solutions with the help of which you can get rid of this problem.

Easy ways to clean nails:

1. Lemon juice your nails Dip it in water for some time and then clean the dirt by rubbing it with a soft brush, this will give amazing shine to the nails, but remember not to cut the skin around the nails. Severe burning sensation.

2. Anti-fungal properties of garlic help in keeping nails clean. Garlic paste can be used for this.

3. If you mix lemon juice and salt and rub it on your nails with the help of a brush, the stains and spots on the nails will go away.

4. Stubborn stains can also be removed with lemon juice and baking soda, in such a situation a mixture of these two substances is used to clean the nails.

5. If you use white vinegar to remove yellow stains on nails, it will give the desired result and will also increase the shine of the nails.

6. We use toothpaste to clean our teeth, but very few people know that the peroxide present in it can also remove nail stains.

7. Coconut oil is mostly used for hair and skin, but heating it and massaging it on the nails is definitely beneficial.

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