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Remedies for rats: You must have experienced the terror of rats at some point in your life. Once a rat enters the house, it destroys everything. No matter how valuable the item is. Rats also infect your food items, due to which there is a possibility of many problems in the body. In such a situation, if a rat has entered your house, then you must find a solution to get rid of it. Today in this article we will tell you some easy ways to get rid of rats. Let us know about these measures:-

How to reduce fear of rats?

get rid of alum

You can use alum to drive away rats. To use it, first grind alum and prepare its powder. – After this knead it with flour. – Now make small balls of this dough. Now keep these balls at those places from where rats enter your house. Rats can die from eating these pellets.


naphthalene balls

Naphthalene tablets can be very helpful in reducing the terror of rats. The smell of naphthalene balls will immediately drive away the rats from your house. For this, grind most of the naphthalene balls. – Now make its powder and then mix it in flour or dough. Make balls of this kneaded dough and keep them at the place in the house where rats live. This will make the rats run away.

Another way to get rid of rats

Baking soda and mint can be used to reduce the fear of rats from home. To use it, take 2 spoons of flour. Add peppermint oil and baking soda to it. After this, spread this flour in the house. This will make the rats run away.

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