Amit Sana opens up about losing Indian Idol season 1`s trophy to Abhijeet Sawant

The first season of remains iconic for various reasons. The reality show will complete 20 years in 2024 and fans are nostalgic.

Contestants like Amit Sana, Abhijeet Sawant and Rahul Vaidya gained immense popularity. Amit, who was considered a potential winner of the trophy, lost it to Abhijeet. Now, in the latest interview with Siddharth Kannan, he claimed that his voting lines were blocked two days before the finale.

Amit said in the interview that Shilpa Shetty`s remark on Abhijeet`s smile did wonders for him. He shared, “When Shilpa Shetty spoke highly of his smile, a lot of things changed after that. He was taken seriously after that. He`s definitely a good singer and I will not deny that. I believe this was one of the reasons for him getting votes.”

The singer further added, “My voting lines got blocked out two days before the last day. It doesn’t get blocked on its own. Some of my family members who were trying to vote for me informed me that they were unable to do it for me but could vote for Abhijeet. A lot of people say that there was some political influence involved during that period of time but that’s all just heresy. I haven’t researched it on my own.”

He took an indirect dig at the channel and said, “My brother once said that the topmost position is always compromised. It is not necessary that you will reach the top only because you deserve it. I knew that I gave my best in the finale. I deserved it. It`s not that wasn`t deserving. There are various factors that are taken into consideration when choosing Indian Idol. You need to have a good personality and even the way you talk and confidence matters. Maybe certain things come from the channel because they have to see whether you are worth the title and how you will take the legacy and reputation forward. These are practical decisions. At the end of the day, these things aren`t as transparent as the electoral process in the country. There was no third party involved to look into these matters.”

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