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Blood Pressure Control: In modern times, people are facing the problem of blood pressure a lot. Most of the people suffer from high blood pressure. If you ignore the problem of high blood pressure then there is a risk of heart related diseases. Therefore it is important to control blood pressure. People take many types of medicines to control blood pressure. Apart from this, blood pressure can also be controlled by some natural measures. You will be surprised to know that banana is a fruit which controls your blood pressure. Apart from banana, many other fruits like avocado, orange, watermelon, beetroot etc. can also control blood pressure. Let us know how Kesa can help you in controlling blood pressure.

Is eating banana beneficial?

According to Kamini Kumari, dietitian of Diet Mantra Clinic, Noida, eating banana daily can help in controlling the problem of blood pressure. With this you can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Dieticians say that many studies have also shown the benefits of banana to the body. According to studies, eating foods rich in potassium can control high blood pressure.

Banana is a food which is rich in potassium and low in sodium, which proves to be very good for high blood pressure patients. Apart from this, banana can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Actually, excess of sodium in the body puts pressure on the blood vessels, due to which the water balance in the body gets disturbed. In such a situation, consuming potassium-rich foods can reduce the pressure on the kidneys, allowing you to expel excess salt in the body through urine.

Keep these things in mind

Eat 2 bananas daily to control blood pressure. With this, blood pressure can be reduced by about 10 percent. However, if you have diabetes or other serious diseases then eat banana only on the advice of experts.

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