All arrangements should be made at the ghat for Chhath Puja in Delhi, MCD Mayor Shelly Oberoi gave instructions

Delhi Municipal Corporation has put all its strength into the preparations for Chhath Puja. With the help of Aam Aadmi Party councilors, Chhath Ghats are being built in every ward of the capital. Apart from this, adequate lighting arrangements are being made there. Delhi Mayor Shaili Oberoi has instructed all the corporation officials to provide all possible facilities to the devotees visiting the ghats on Chhath festival. All regional Deputy Commissioners have been instructed to make arrangements for Chhath fasts in their respective zones.

According to the promises of MCD, Chhath Ghats are ready in 100 wards in Delhi. In the remaining wards, 80 to 90 percent of the ghat construction work has been completed. An amount of Rs 40 thousand has been released in every ward by the Aam Aadmi Party government to make arrangements for lighting the Chhath Ghats. Through this fund, lights have been installed around the ghats in all the wards so that no one faces any difficulty during Chhath Puja.

Every major arrangement made for Chhath Puja

Mayor Shaili Oberoi said that the joy of the festival is doubled due to better lighting arrangements on the ghats. He said that all special steps have been taken for the convenience and safety of women and children coming for worship at the ghats. They will not be allowed to face any kind of problem from the corporation.

Along with this he said that Chhath Mahaparva is a unique festival of Indian culture and spirituality. On this occasion, he has congratulated all the citizens of Delhi on the occasion of Chhath festival.

MCD special cleaning at parks and ghats

Mayor Dr Shaili Oberoi said that in view of the Chhath festival, MCD has launched a special cleaning campaign in all the parks so that the devotees can celebrate the Chhath festival with cleanliness and purity. Apart from this, a special cleaning campaign has also been conducted around the ghats. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party government will not allow the devotees to face any kind of problem regarding Chhath Puja.

Corporation made arrangements for parking at Chhath Ghats.

Mayor Dr Shaili Oberoi said that the Aam Aadmi Party government is paying attention to every small thing regarding Chhath festival. Arrangements for parking of devotees’ vehicles have also been made around Chhath Ghats. With this, their vehicles will also be safe and the system around Chhath Ghats will not be disturbed.

Fogging done around Chhath Ghats

On the instructions of Mayor Dr Shaili Oberoi, fogging has also been done around Chhath Ghat. He said that continuous fogging will continue till Chhath festival. With this, devotees can be protected from mosquitoes and the diseases spread by them.

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